I had the honour of working recently at an Asian fusion wedding at the wonderful Hedsor house, which is one of my favourite venues and for such a lovely couple.

Kiri and Paul had the most stylish Asian fusion wedding at the magnificent Hedsor House in beautiful Buckinghamshire. Kiri wanted me to create a bridal look for her that would work well with both her traditional Indian lehenga and her Western white wedding dress.

For a modern feel, we went for a Hollywood wave with a central part accessorised with a beautiful headpiece by Red Dot Jewels which suited the bride perfectly.

Modern Asian Wedding Makeup

Asian Fusion Wedding

When it came to her makeup Kiri had a certain idea in mind for how she wanted it to look. She didnt want her wedding day makeup to have a traditional heavy Asian bridal look but rather a more modern softer glam version that Kiri felt was more her style. This combined with her beautiful hairstyle, created a stunning overall effect.

Getting to create a this modern take on a classic Asian wedding makeup look, was a real treat and something I loved getting to do.

Wedding Makeup & Hair At Your Venue

When it comes to wedding hair and makeup it’s always good to plan ahead and think about whether you want it done at home before you leave or at the venue itself. If you hope to have it done at the venue itself you need to check what rules are for each venue about when you and your suppliers can gain access.

Photography By: pierragphotography.com

Bridal Hair And Makeup At Hedsor House And The Hive

It’s for this reason it’s always a good idea when booking your bridal venue to always make sure to ask what time access to the bridal suite is available..

While Hedsor House does have a stunning bridal suite they are very strict on their access time with suppliers not being able to enter until 10:30 am which can be problematic as it is very standard to start hair and makeup around 7 or 8 am in the morning depending on the size of the bridal party.

However, The Hive is Hedsors on-site cottage and is available to use for couples and their suppliers.

For Kiri and Paul wedding that meant that we were able to use The Hive to get started with hair prep before moving to the Hedsor bridal suite to continue on with hair and makeup at 10:30 am.

One important thing to remember if you are using this venue this way, is to make sure to allow 45mins for packing up and moving venue. It always takes longer than you think!

Bridal Hair And Make Up Timescales

When it comes to bridal hair and makeup it’s a good idea to get an idea of timescales when booking. I usually allow 2 and a half hours for bridal hair and makeup and an extra hour for Hollywood Waves.

Typically bridal party hair and makeup takes one and a half hours. I always make sure to finish my brides so that they have plenty of time to take a moment to eat/ use the bathroom/ spend some time with their bridesmaids, before changing into their dress so that they don’t feel rushed in the last stages.

Usually, I like to do one additional service, ie a bridal party hair or makeup after the bride.

However by prearrangement, I am able to stay on later to do any hair/makeup touch-ups and any evening hair/makeup changes. You simply have to get in touch to let me know what you might need!

I loved getting to work on Kiri and Paul wedding at Hedsor house, it’s always a privilege to work on an Asian wedding look especially when I get to put a modern spin on it!

If you would like more information about how to book me for your own wedding then please just get in touch!